Honeydew 500 gr


The honeydew honey from Fattoria Collebrunacchi is a unique and valuable product, not particularly widespread. Unlike other types of honey, honeydew honey does not derive from the collection of flower nectar by bees, but from the honeydew produced by some insects such as rhynchoths, psyllids and aphids. These insects suck the sap of plants and produce a sweet substance that is collected by bees and transformed into honey.

The honeydew honey from Fattoria Collebrunacchi has an intense and aromatic flavour, with notes of dried fruit and caramel, with nuances of cooked wine, malt, with a weak sweetness, similar to malt, sometimes slightly salty. Thanks to its origin, this honey contains a greater quantity of mineral salts and trace elements than other types of honey. It is also an excellent ally for health, thanks to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Data sheet

Nutritional Values
Per 100 g: energy 1403 kJ/330 kcal fat 0g (of which saturated fatty acids 0g) carbohydrates 82g (of which sugars 63g) proteins 0.4g salt 0.05g
Italian Honeydew

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