1. General information

1.1. Contractual partners

Francesca Starnotti's Fattoria Collebrunacchi SSA agricultural company (herein referred to as “Fattoria Collebrunacchi”) owns a shop selling food and wine products onfattocollebrunacchi.com andfattocollebrunacchi.com, through which the customer (herein referred to as “customer”) can purchase products from Fattoria Collebrunacchi SSA by Francesca Starnotti.

1.2. Customer, Company.

The customer is such to the extent that the function of the products and services purchased cannot be predominantly attributed to his commercial activity, even if autonomous. On the contrary, the company is any individual, legal person or company with legal capacity, which carries out its commercial activity in the final stages of the contract.

1.3. Validity of general terms

These terms and conditions of trade are valid for every contract between Fattoria Collebrunacchi and the customer regarding the sale of products through the online shop, in the version in force at the time of the order. The customer's terms of business, which are contrary to or deviate from the following provisions, do not apply unless their validity has previously been recognized by us in writing.

1.4. Changes to the general terms of trade

Fattoria Collebrunacchi reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions at any time, assuming that the modifications are not unreasonable or disadvantageous towards the customer. The changes are approved unless the customer has raised objections via email to info@fattoriacollebrunacchi.com within two weeks of the change itself. If the customer independently exercises the right to object, Fattoria Collebrunacchi reserves the right to cancel the customer's account from the moment the new terms and conditions come into force. The customer will be made aware of this via email.

1.5. Download the terms and conditions

The terms and conditions can be printed, examined and stored in their current version at any time via the "Terms and Conditions of Use" link on the homepage.

1.6. Information relating to deadlines

The working days indicated as deadlines refer to all days of the week with the exception of Saturday, Sunday and public holidays according to the Italian calendar.

2. Registration and use

2.1. Registration

To order products on our site you must create an account and specify your personal data. In our privacy policy you can find detailed information on Fattoria Collebrunacchi's management of personal data.

2.2. Correctness and use of data

The user is required to enter their personal data for registration completely and correctly and also declares to manage their access data confidentially and not to provide them to third parties. Registration is immediately confirmed as soon as it is sent.

2.3. Multiple registrations

You may not have multiple accounts in your name at FattoriaCollebrunacchi.com and FattoriaCollebrunacchi.it, therefore Fattoria Collebrunacchi reserves the right to delete multiple registrations, use virtual property rights, and to warn and admonish customers who violate the Agreements. of membership listed in sub-sections 2.1., 2.2. and 2.3.

3. Supply and availability

3.1. Product images

The products offered by Fattoria Collebrunacchi are shown on the Fattoriacollebrunacchi.com website. Slight differences between the photograph and the actual characteristics do not constitute a defect in the product ordered. For example, slight differences in the color of the explanatory labels may be due to the light and the exposure conditions at the time the photograph was taken. Further photographs can be requested separately by writing to info@fattoriacollebrunacchi.com. The customer will be contacted and all clarifications and requests made will be provided.

3.2. Availability

Acceptance of the order depends on the availability of the product, as the products present onfattocollebrunacchi.com are produced by Fattoria Collebrunacchi (agricultural company) or for it by third-party companies and their availability cannot always be guaranteed. If Fattoria Collebrunacchi is unable to accept an order as a result of the sale of the same to another customer, the customer will be promptly informed.

4. Finalization of the contract

4.1. Contractual partner

The contractual partner is Fattoria Collebrunacchi, via Gello 32, 56028 San Miniato (Pisa) Italy.

4.2. Order

The display of products in the online shop does not represent a legally binding offer, but rather a non-binding catalogue. By clicking on "Proceed to Check Out" the customer places an order for the products contained in the cart. The confirmation is sent immediately after the order has been sent and payment has been made and does not represent any contractual acceptance. The sole purpose is to provide the customer with an overview of the order. In your account you can check the information and data of your order. The customer must ensure that the order details are correct, and that you are logged in as a private customer or with VAT number, as once the order has been placed it is not possible to change the invoice, VAT number, name or billing address.

4.3. Acceptance of the order

Fattoria Collebrunacchi accepts the order by sending the customer a final notification within five working days of payment. Each payment made by the customer becomes valid only after receiving a notification of acceptance of the order.

5. Right of withdrawal of Fattoria Collebrunacchi in case of unavailability after the conclusion of the contract

5.1. If, for reasons for which Fattoria Collebrunacchi cannot be held responsible, the product is no longer available, Fattoria Collebrunacchi will immediately inform the customer, and will have the right to withdraw from the contract. In this case, Fattoria Collebrunacchi will reimburse the customer for any payment made.

6. Price

6.1. Price details

For orders placed onfattocollebrunacchi.com the price at the time of the order is in Euros. The prices specified on the product sheets refer exclusively to the item and include value added tax (VAT). Shipping costs and any customs or import charges will be calculated in the "check out" section. This applies to both private customers and VAT registered customers. Any additional costs (customs duties, foreign taxes, etc.) due to different jurisdictions of the recipient country will be paid by the customer to the competent authorities of their country upon arrival.

7. Payment

7.1. Payment methods available

The payment methods for the purchase indicated in the online order process are available onfattocollebrunacchi.com. At the moment they include PayPal (paypal.com), credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express).

7.2. Credit card payments

The credit card details are entered by the customer on our secure payment pages. The encoded data is sent directly from the SSL system to the card bank. Following a successful security exam, the invoiced amount is automatically and immediately debited. Once the transaction has been completed, Fattoria Collebrunacchi processes the order within the agreed delivery times. Credit notes are credited to the customer's credit card.

7.3. Payments with PayPal

For payments with PayPal the customer is redirected to the PayPal payment page. The customer's account information must be specified on that page and the payment to Fattoria Collebrunacchi must be confirmed. Payment is processed immediately. Credit notes are credited to the customer's PayPal account.

8. Retention of title

8.1 The product remains the property of Fattoria Collebrunacchi until the customer completes payment for the item, ancillary costs and shipping costs.

9. Questions about the order

9.1 In the event of any questions, contact our sales office: Fattoria Collebrunacchi - Via Gello 32 - 56028 San Miniato (Pisa) Italy Mob: +39 347 1779877


E-mail: info@fattoriacollebrunacchi.com

10. Guarantee and responsibility

10.1. Guarantee and responsibility

Fattoria Collebrunacchi produces and/or markets food and wine products. Each product offered onfattocollebrunacchi.com is accompanied by a description, nutritional values and ingredients and the label clearly shows the batch number and expiry date of the product. Fattoria Collebrunacchi is not held responsible for any intolerances, allergies or various problems due to the intake of its products. For further information on this aforementioned topic we recommend contacting: Fattoria Collebrunacchi - Via Gello 32 - 56028 San Miniato (Pisa) ItaliaMob: +39 347 1779877 E-mail: info@fattoriacollebrunacchi.com

10.2. Disclaimers

Suggestion Box and its legal representatives and employees are exempt from any liability for compensation.

11. Data protection

11.1 Please pay particular attention to the Suggestion Box privacy protection declaration, present on this website, by clicking "privacy policy".

12. Miscellaneous

12.1. Law in force

These terms and conditions are subject to Italian law excluding the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

12.2. Changes to the terms and conditions

Fattoria Collebrunacchi reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time as long as such modifications are not biased and unreasonable towards the customer. The changes must be accepted unless any objections are communicated via email to info@collebi.it within four weeks of our notification. In case of changes to the terms and conditions Fattoria Collebrunacchi will inform the customer of their right of objection and deadlines. In the event that the customer exercises his right of objection, Fattoria Collebrunacchi has the right to cancel his account from the moment the changes come into force. The customer will be informed via notification.

12.3. Ineffectiveness of individual clauses

The ineffectiveness of one clause of the terms and conditions does not affect the validity of the others.

12.4. Court of jurisdiction

As regards private or VAT customers, the only place of jurisdiction in the event of disputes regarding these terms and conditions is that of Pisa (Italy).